Y’all Have Made My Day

Things have been really busy lately.  Work has been intense, and shows no signs of stoppin’.  I’ve totally been knitting, and sewing, and recording LibriVox files, and reading, but haven’t had the chance to blog about it all.  Lush and Lacy is coming along, and I’ve officially OD’ed on Gilmore Girls.  (I wept uncontrollably during the final episode of the series – I can’t help it, I’m a total sap.)  I’m amazed all over again at Zora Neale Hurston’s genius, and I had a wonderful class today on Nella Larsen (go here for a review of her novel Passing).  So things are good, but busy, and I’ve been finding it hard to make time for blogging.

But I’ve nonetheless been given a very sweet award by three wonderful bloggers:  OrataLaura, and Alice.  It’s the “You Make My Day” award:


Thanks so much, y’all – it makes me smile.  Now I need to choose ten more awesome bloggers and pass it on.  A very hard task, but here goes: 
1.  Between Stupid and Clever.
2.  Fancie Pants Knits
3.  Flint Knits
4.  Knitting School Dropout.
5.  Pneuma
6.  Ramblings of a Knitting Obsessive
7.  Brainy Lady
8.  Green Apples
9.  Yo La Tejo
10.  Craftoholic.

Yay!  Cool blogs.  And I’ve enjoyed seeing other folks’ lists and discovering new blog fodder. I promise I’ll be back sometime soon with WIPs, FOs, book reviews, and more.   

8 thoughts on “Y’all Have Made My Day

  1. i am totally flattered. i just love this blog of yours, it’s one of my favorites. thank you!

    i have never watched the gilmore girls, but if it triggers tears, i’d probably love it. i am a big sap.

  2. You finished the Gilmore Girls! I have had to make do with Gossip Girl since the Lorelei saga ended but nothing can really fill the void.

  3. Elizabeth, thank you! That really makes my day, and you have to know that I love your posts just as much. I didn’t know that you were knitting Lush and Lacy, but it’s so cute! I love those bell sleeves.

    Re: Gilmore Girls, a friend’s husband recently saw Juno and likened it to a cross between Gilmore Girls and Garden State. I think he was mocking me a little bit (because I loved Juno), but to me, that sounds like a compliment!

  4. Thanks Elizabeth! Your blog was one of the original ones I read way back when I started blogging (and inspired me to do so), so it’s nice to get a compliment from you :)

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